What does a pint cost in Lanzarote?

If you’re considering taking a holiday to Lanzarote, you definitely have questions about how much a pint of beer costs there. What is a holiday after all without a cold beer in your hand? This beginner’s guide will cover the typical cost of a pint of beer on Lanzarote, where to get the best and cheapest beers, and money-saving strategies so you can still partake in your favorite local brews.

Welcome to Lanzarote, a stunning Canary Islands island. Don’t forget to revel in the regional beer culture while you’re taking advantage of the warm weather and beautiful beaches. With a variety of taverns, pubs, and clubs to select from, Lanzarote boasts a thriving beer culture.

The Cost of a Pint of Beer in Lanzarote on Average
What is the price of a pint in Lanzarote, then? In a typical bar or pub, a basic pint of beer (about 0.5 liters) will cost you between €2 and €3. However, costs can differ based on where you are and the beer you are drinking. Craft beer and specialized brews, for instance, can be more expensive.

Happy Hour Deals If you’re looking for a great deal on beer, look out for happy hour deals. Many bars and pubs in Lanzarote offer discounts on drinks during specific hours of the day. Happy hours typically run between 4 pm and 7 pm, so plan your evening accordingly. Some bars and pubs also offer all-day happy hours on certain days of the week.

Local Pubs and Bars
Visit the neighborhood taverns and pubs to learn about the local beer scene. These places provide a selection of domestic and imported beers at affordable costs. On Lanzarote, several well-liked neighborhood bars and pubs are Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, La Ola Breeze, and Surf Shack.

Seaside bars
What could be better than sipping a nice beer while admiring the stunning beach views? There are many beach bars on Lanzarote where you may unwind while holding a beer. La Casa Roja Beach Bar, Chiringuito Playa Grande, and Papagayo Beach Club are a few of the well-known beach bars on Lanzarote.

Conclusion and Beer Budgeting Advice for Lanzarote
Finally, depending on where you go and what you drink, a pint of beer on Lanzarote might cost anywhere from €2 to €3. Check out the local bars and pubs for happy hour specials to save money on beer. Attempt to stay away from the touristy places as well and choose neighborhood bars instead. Last but not least, be sure to sample some regional favorites like Dorada and Tropical beer.

And we would much rather be in Playa Blanca than Amsterdam! 🙂