What does a pint cost in Amsterdam?

The question “what does a pint cost in Amsterdam?” is definitely on your mind if you’re planning a trip there. You want to get the best deals on everything as a millennial traveler, even alcohol. The average cost of a pint of beer in Amsterdam, the best places to get beer bargains, and advice on how to enjoy the local brews while saving money are all covered in this guide.

Let’s first discuss the city’s beer culture before getting into how much a pint of beer in Amsterdam costs. The beer scene in Amsterdam is renowned, and there are many different brewers and bars to pick from. There is something in Amsterdam for everyone, regardless of whether you are a beer expert or just appreciate a casual pint.

The Cost of a Pint of Beer in Amsterdam on Average
Where you go in Amsterdam will determine how much a pint of beer costs. In a typical bar or tavern, a basic pint of beer (about 0.5 liters) will cost you between €3 and €5. However, the cost may go to €8 or more in some hip bars or touristy locations. Specialty brews and craft beers might be more expensive.

Happy Hour Specials
Look for happy hour specials if you want to buy beer cheaply. In several bars in Amsterdam, drinks are discounted at certain times of the day. Plan your pub hopping around the normal happy hour hours of 4 to 7 pm. Additionally, on certain days of the week, several bars offer all-day happy hours.

Student Bars
Check out the student bars in Amsterdam if you’re a student or on a limited budget. These bars give students inexpensive drinks, and you don’t have to live nearby to benefit from the special offers. Café De Oude Schicht, Café The Minds, and Café Fest are a few of the well-liked student hangouts.

Beer Gardens and outside bars
Outdoor bars and beer gardens in Amsterdam are fantastic places to sip a pint of beer throughout the summer. These places frequently have a laid-back vibe and serve both domestic and foreign beers. Hannekes Boom, Brouwerij ‘t IJ, and Pllek are a few well-known outdoor bars and beer gardens.

Conclusion and Advice for Amsterdam Beer Budgeting
In conclusion, depending on where you go, a pint of beer in Amsterdam might cost anywhere between €3 and €8 or more. Look for happy hour specials, student bars, outdoor bars, and beer gardens to find cheap beer. Attempt to stay away from the touristy places as well and choose neighborhood bars instead. Last but not least, be sure to sample some regional specialties like Heineken and Amstel beer.

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